Where to place custom furniture in your office or building 


Whether one owns their office, shares a communal space, or is a part of the cubicle community, one will spend most of their time at work. If one works full time, one may stare at the same wall for 40 hours a week. It’s completely understandable and normal to want a change. One may feel uninspired and bored if the office space is bland. No one should overlook their office space and think that there is no room for improvement, furniture, or decorations. The workspace should be a place for great design potential. 


Purchasing custom furniture is a great purchase when it comes to designing the office space. Custom furniture is made to fit any and every need that one may have. Purchasing custom furniture from a place like Unique Concepts will allow one to have a beautiful piece forever. Custom furniture is a piece that is unique to all pieces. There is not one piece that is identical to the custom piece. Custom furniture is also great because it allows one to be able to have a piece that is precise to the measurements in the office.  


Where to place custom furniture:  


  • Keep the entryway clear: The entryway of the office should have as few pieces near it as possible. Having a cluttered entryway can make the office seem small and hectic. It can also cause issues with the traffic flow. Place big objects as far away from the door as possible. This will give the illusion that the office is big and spacious. 
  • Don’t take up all of the wall space: Do not take up all of the wall space in the office. This can be tricky if the office space is small. However, try to avoid this. To make space look like it has more space and fluidity, place desks and furniture away from the walls. Try to center pieces in the middle of the room and around. 
  • Be conscious of traffic flow: Do not arrange furniture where people will have a hard time going around it. This can create issues, frustration, and possibly cause someone to get hurt or injured. Place furniture where it is easy for people to have a minimum of a 3 foot walk space.  
  • Create visual balance: Distribute visual weight around the room. Try to balance things out by creating a yin and yang effect. Do not put all furniture on one side of the room and leave the other side blank. This will make the office space look cluttered. 


Knowing how to place custom furniture in certain places in the office or building is essential because it allows one to create a visual balance and keep the traffic flow in the office calm. If one is considering whether to purchase a mass produced  piece or a custom built piece, then they should lean more on the side of custom. Creating a custom piece will allow one to get the right dimensions and get a piece that is unique to all. At Unique Concepts, we create custom pieces for all kinds of businesses and office spaces. Our custom piece will spice up the office space and leave everyone’s jaws on the floor.