Furniture is a long-term investment. No matter how much you spent, you want to make sure that money goes as far as it possibly can. That means we need to take the best care of it possible. As a commercial furniture company, Unique Concepts always shares a few tips when delivering our furniture.

3 ways to maintain your furniture and make sure it lasts as long as possible, based on the type of material they are made from, are:

1. Wood Furniture: We recommend a light dusting with an aerosol product such as Endust. After spraying, wipe clean. Be careful with products such as Pledge; Pledge is very oil heavy. Windex or any all-purpose cleaner can be used as well. Just be sure to use a soft cloth or soft paper towel with it.

2. High Pressure Laminate: Laminate does well being cleaned with Windex or another similar all-purpose cleaner. However, many of our customers who have a laminate piece would like a slight shine to their furniture after cleaning. If that is the case, use Counter Top Magic, sold at most home improvement stores like Lowes, to bring the sheen out.

3. Granite and Marble: Natural stone should be protected during use with coasters, desk pads, etc. To clean, use water or water with a little bit of mild dish soap.

If you have a piece of furniture in your office replaced, we would love to help you in that process. Contact our team now to set up a complimentary consultation.