New year, new change in the (office edition)


A typical 9 to 5 corporate job looks a bit different than it once did prior to the pandemic. The global pandemic has caused a shift in how workplaces work together in today’s time. Companies have been at odds about what they expect from their employees while office design has been a major debate as well. Though the pandemic caused a multitude of issues, one bright side is the fact that employers care about their employees’ well being. Because of this, many want to design a space that is comfortable for their employees. 


2024 work spaces will more profoundly emphasize elevating employees well being, comfort level, and productivity. Most notably, the rise in hybrid (online and in person) work has changed how employees and employers occupy their office space. In this blog written by Unique Concepts, we will discuss the new year and the new change in furniture for 2024. 


New year, new change in furniture (office edition):

  • Collaborative work spaces and designs: Jobs were once firmly held in an office building all days of the week. But in times like today, jobs are online and in person. Because of this, employees want their office time to be more productive and efficient. Hybrid office layouts may consist of break out areas and more flexible office spaces. The use of less desks and more comfort sitting such as sofas and comfy cautioned seats are welcomed.
  • Sustainability: Companies are no longer turning a blind eye to sustainable innovations. A sustainable plan is way more than just recycle bins placed around the office. This type of design may consist of reused art work, led lights, paper free policies, eco friendly designed furniture, and reusable dishware.
  • Smart offices: Smart offices bring technology, data, and workplace design together. Smart technology such as desk booking (to see the occupancy of desks available) and lights that mimic daylight will make an office space more savvy. 
  • Modern design: Modern design is an up and coming trend for 2024. Some modern touches that could be added to the office may consist of cooler tones, unique chairs that stand out from the rest, and built in work out spaces for employees to let off some steam.
  • Flexibility: Due to the fact that some employees work online. It’s crucial to spice up your office space and give employees something that their home does not have to offer. This may consist of outdoor seated areas, open space areas, and more.

Due to the new year, there are lots of changes that are being made. One being that many work online rather than in the office. Because of this, it is essential to give your space an upgrade in order to give those who work remotely something that they do not have in the comfort of their own home. Are you looking to customize a piece for your office space this year? If so, Unique Concepts can craft a one of a kind piece that will suit your office space and give off everlasting impressions.