Is your lobby area looking a little plain or bland? A first impression is everything and a lobby is one of the first areas your guest will see! There are several things you can do to enhance your guest experience and make them feel more welcomed upon arrival!  


3 Things to Do to Your Lobby to Enhance the Lobby Experience of Your Guests: 


Encourage Community: You want to have a cozy sitting area grouped together, this encourages people to talk to others nearby. We recommended cushioned seats and having grabbables nearby like a newspaper or magazine so guests can look at them. Also, if you are hosting an event or promoting one you should have flyers nearby or hang them up on a community board full of events. 


Tis’ The Season: Nothing is wrong with decorating your office with decorations for each season, get festive! For fall, you could add Halloween decor or cute pumpkin and leaves fall decor. Also, for Christmas, you could go all out and put up a Christmas tree! Having decorations will keep the guest entertained and have something to look at other than a plain wall. 


Entertain: Most offices you walk into have a TV nowadays and there’s a reason for this! If you come in with your kids, they will need to be entertained also to keep yourself entertained as well. Consider having some type of stimulation in the lobby like a TV for the guest to watch. 


Also, having a nice reception desk will make an everlasting first impression! If you’re having trouble finding a reception desk that fits your needs, contact Unique Concepts today! We can custom-build a reception desk for you. We’re well known for our conference tables and unique reception desks; we take your ideas for beautiful custom furniture and bring them to reality.