The coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant shift in the way people work not only in North Carolina but around the world. Social distancing and working from home has resulted in a change in the office environment. As a result, the types of commercial furniture orders placed right now have changed, and Unique Concepts would like to share some of those changes.

Here are a few furniture changes we have seen in the past several months:

  1. Touch screen panels at reception areas: Many organizations are installing touch screen kiosks in their reception areas where visitors can check in to maintain social distancing. Customized kiosks can be built to match your office decor.
  2. Customized work desks: As employees return and adjust, organizations are installing custom-made work desks for both sitting and standing which enables more productivity while still maintaining a safe distance from others. These are the perfect solution for adding more flexibility into the workplace.
  3. Cleaning stations for conference rooms: Companies that are concerned about sanitizing conference rooms are installing stations inside each one to store cleaning supplies. These stations can be customized so that they blend into your space. It can even be in the form of a lectern!
  4. Larger reception desks: Larger reception desks also helps with social distancing in your reception area so that workers and customers are farther apart. We specialize in crafting beautiful and functional reception stations.
  5. Fully-enclosed work cubicles: Concerned work organizations are looking for ways to protect employees further. One way is to build fully-enclosed booths that are essentially mini-offices. We can create a safe workspace that your employees will love to return to at the office.

As you can see, the types of furniture orders now are crafted around safety. If you are searching for more ways to protect your employees, customers and visitors while still having a great and appealing environment, contact the experts at Unique Concepts for design ideas today. We look forward to speaking with you!