Your reception desk is the first thing your customers will see, which is why it is important to make an everlasting good impression. Are you having trouble figuring out what reception station will best fit your needs? Let’s talk about different aspects that should influence your decision. 


Top 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Reception Station Desk: 


  1. Aesthetic: You want your reception station to be attractive and be the main focal point because it’s the first thing customers see. Also, you may want it to represent your brand in some way, shape or form. The material you used can dictate the aesthetic as well. Laminate and metal may convey a modern feel while a wooden desk may seem more traditional. 


  1. Function: Both clients and receptionist will be interacting with the desk so you need to fit the needs of both. Also, you need to consider what work the receptionist will be getting done in that space and what features will work best. Many desks offer plenty of space on the receptionist’s side for storage of documents, etc.  Reception desks can also be fabricated with storage/display on the client’s side. 


  1. Size: One thing to consider is how many employees you need to accommodate at the desk. If you only have one receptionist at a time, you obviously won’t need to have as much working space as you would for multiple people.  Don’t forget to consider any hardware, such as printers, that may need to occupy workspace inside the desk.  It is often necessary to have a section of the reception desk that is accessible to people using wheelchairs, so don’t forget about ADA compliance.  


If you’re having trouble finding a reception desk that fits your needs, contact Unique Concepts today! We can custom-build a reception desk for you. We’re well known for our conference tables and unique reception desks; we take your ideas for beautiful custom furniture and bring them to reality.