4 Types of Commercial Furniture Unique Concepts Creates

Unique Concepts opened our doors in 1994 and we have been offering a variety of commercial furniture since then. We answer a lot of questions about what type of furniture we can build when we share our projects through social media and email campaigns. So, we wanted to break it down and make it easier.

The top 4 types of commercial furniture we build are:

1. Conference Tables: Our conference tables are one-of-a-kind and built to fit each specific space they are made for. They are the statement pieces of the conference rooms.

2. Desks: We create a huge variety of different styles of reception desks for a variety of companies across the Southeast. We help our clients make a great first impression.

3. Lecterns: Lecterns are used in a large number of venues, from colleges to conference rooms. We build a wide variety of lecterns, including ones that incorporate height adjustability. We often include logos of some type on our lecterns.

4. Display Projects: We have built display cabinets for corporations, universities, hospitals, and more. If you have awards, art, etc. that you want to show off, we can help!

We offer a few additional types of furniture specific to certain customers’ needs such as planters, lockers, and coffee bars.
If you want to see all of our work, visit our gallery page now. If you want to know if we can create something specific for your business, contact us now!