It is no secret that workspace environment affects employee productivity; however, it can be specifically drawn back to the types of furniture in the office. In a space where a worker feels comfortable, they might also be able to think more creatively and bring up new ideas, whereas if a worker is unable to focus in a space, they might feel more disorganized and not actively engaged.

Unique Concepts understands the process involved in creating custom office furniture and provides four ways that office furniture will affect your business’s productivity in the long run:

  1. Comfortableness of the furnishings: If workers don’t feel comfortable in their everyday office seating arrangements, it often makes it hard for them to focus on anything else. This includes the comfort of the chair, the style of the desks and any other furnishings that will impact productivity such as adjustable monitor stands or standing desks.
  2. Flexibility of the setup: Many businesses demand that employees be flexible in their work which means the space they work in must also be flexible. Some offices choose to incorporate unassigned seating so that workers can choose a new seat every day. This increases collaboration in the workplace and allows them to get more done during the day. Unique Concepts can work with your business to ensure the furniture is capable of being flexible throughout. We also have a good bit of experience building lockers for flexible workspaces.
  3. Colors of the space: Colors are known to affect mood. It is also appropriate to match the colors with the overall business environment. For example, a more corporate space might pick neutral colors whereas a company in the fashion or design industry might choose more bold color choices. This creates a more personalized office theme.
  4. Practicality of the space: Since an office is used mainly for work purposes, practicality is one of the most important aspects. This can include drawers, wire management and accessibility of anything that would be used on a daily basis such as keyboards, mouses, projectors and more. At Unique Concepts, we are here to build to your personalized needs.

The summer months often have a dip in the overall productivity of a business. Making sure a workspace is comfortable, flexible and practical while also displaying colors that show the personality of the business is key. Our custom-made conference tables and desk stations will take personalizing your office and increasing productivity to the next level. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote.