As companies begin to return to the office, the coronavirus pandemic has led to some dramatic changes in office designs. Those changes include office furniture trends. At Unique Concepts, we are always keeping up with the times.

Here are some of the new trends that we’ve seen this spring:

  1. Unassigned seats in office pods: Teams will always need to collaborate. With unassigned office pods that are shielded, teams can meet in small groups. Not only are they secured, but because no office materials, personal objects, or equipment are left behind, cleaning crews are able to sanitize the pods nightly. This also fosters more well-rounded relationships and lets employees talk with different co-workers each day.
  2. Touchless entry points: Rather than touching a keypad or swiping a badge on a reader, many organizations are moving to hands-free technology. This includes kiosks at entry ways where employees can scan a QR code with their phone to gain access. Voice modules are also being installed.
  3. Going green: The best way to improve air quality is to have more plants around you. Companies have started adding more “living walls” in their offices that house indoor plants which promotes a healthier quality of life. Others have begun to include planters throughout their entire workspace. Either way, this green decor eliminates an otherwise drab space. Are you looking for a cool custom planter?  We can help!
  4. Colorful workstations: Who says those plastic shields have to be plain (and ugly)? Not us. Another popular trend is to add color to those shields like blues or pastels that give them a much more appealing look while still serving their main function. As a 100% custom shop, Unique Concepts can help you integrate safety features as part of the design.
  5. Residential appearances: After over a year of working from home, employees got used to their office looking like their residence (since it was.) So, a newer trend is to have office furniture that more closely resembles residential furniture, but still has that office functionality. This allows workers to have that comfortability that comes from being at home while also allowing them to be productive as well.

Whatever your office furniture needs are, at Unique Concepts, we are happy to help provide you with them. We customize, build, deliver, and install all of our furniture to your office. Contact us today for personalized solutions for your office.