The moment a guest, prospective client, or potential employee steps into an office, they begin to experience a businesses’ brand. It is important to take every opportunity to brand the business. At Unique Concepts, we work with our customers to incorporate their brand into their commercial furniture. However, many businesses feel like branding their office furniture is difficult or impossible, so we wanted to share some tips we share with our clients.

3 ways to incorporate branding into commercial furniture are:

  1. Style: Many styles of furniture will match a commercial brand. For example, a technology company may want a more modern style business, or a university may want a more traditional style of furniture. No matter what the style of commercial furniture, our team is ready to create branded custom furniture for that style!
  2. Color: One of the easiest ways to brand a commercial space is to use brand colors within the office furniture. For example, conference tables can have a glass inlay with pops of the brand colors or desk chairs that include the brand colors. Incorporating color into custom office furniture is a great way to brighten up the office while showing company pride.
  3. Logo: The easiest way to integrate the brand into office furniture is to use the logo. There are certain pieces of furniture that are best to use a logo on. A few of those include lecterns, reception desks, and conference tables. The dramatic effect of adding a company logo to custom furniture is commanding and striking all at once.

Are you getting ready to update the commercial furniture in your office and want to include your brand in the furniture? Our team at Unique Concepts would love to help review the space and make suggestions for custom furniture pieces. To set up a complimentary consultation, contact our team now.