Is it time for a furniture upgrade in the office? Are you starting to do the research on what to add and finding it a bit overwhelming?

Our team at Unique Concepts helps guide businesses and commercial organizations through making the decision on new furniture. We see the struggles, plans, and regrets if a business doesn’t get what they need. So, we wanted to share a few tips on the most common mistakes we have seen.

The most common mistakes to avoid when purchasing office furniture is:

  1. Not planning for growth: Many companies purchase furniture based on what they need right now instead of considering their growth plans. It is important to know that furniture will last quite a while and you do not want to outgrow within 3 to 5 years.
  2. Not planning for employees: Many companies choose furniture they esthetically like instead of what is best for their employees. It is important to consider how the company works in teams, how they work together, and how they are comfortable.
  3. Choosing price over quality: Many companies end up at large retail stores to buy furniture because they are trying to choose based on the price. The quality of these pieces may not hold up over time and will end up costing more.
  4. Mismatched furniture: When picking furniture, not making a plan can lead to a very disjointed look and feel in the office. While it doesn’t sound terrible, this can lead to replacing furniture sooner than it needs to be. By the way – if you need new pieces to match some existing furniture, and you can’t find them from your original suppliers, give us a call; we can probably help!

Thinking of custom office furniture? Take a moment to contact our team now! We take your ideas for beautiful custom furniture and bring them to reality. We understand the process involved in creating custom furniture and woodwork, and we can work with you all the way through.