Conference room tables are some of our biggest specialties at Unique Concepts. Conference room tables have many different shapes, sizes, and wood types. They are vital to an office space as they provide an area where important business decisions are made and where collaboration happens. When done properly, these tables help stimulate learning, communication, participation, and they bring comfort as well. Let’s dive into the specific types available.

Here are some different types of conference tables:

  • Boardroom: This type of table is the most basic. It’s great for smaller offices. Boardroom tables are made in a variety of shapes, including rectangular, boat-shaped, round, or oval. Trapezoid-shaped boardroom tables have become popular for rooms that host conference calls.
  • Open-Center: These tables are constructed so that the outer edges form the table, but the center is left open. This hollow space may allow for a presenter to move freely in the middle. The speaker can walk up and directly talk to each table and participants. Access to the center of the table can be accomplished by having a removable or hinged section of the table.
  • U-Shape: Conference tables that are formed into a U-shape are generally best for presentations and meetings where the office needs to be more interactive with one another. It allows the focus of the meeting to be diverted to the front during presentations. U-shaped and open-center tables often have a “modesty panel” along the inside edge.  This serves multiple purposes, including providing a way to conceal cabling for integrated power and/or data components.
  • Classroom: These types of tables are what you typically see in college classrooms. There are multiple rows of tables that all face one single presenter. This allows all attention to be on the main speaker with minimal distractions from others in attendance. At Unique Concepts, we have created quite a few beautiful boardroom tables that are modular and can be broken into sections for use as classroom tables.

These basic types of conference room tables can all be transformed into beautiful custom furniture pieces. Despite their typical stereotype, conference room tables can be made very trendy and modern. With most offices being pushed to at-home work, right now is the perfect time to revamp your office space before everyone comes back. Let your employees come back to a place where they will thrive and be more productive. Contact Unique Concepts for all your conference table needs!